Pets, Pride, People....and a little Punny

Years ago, when I adopted my dog Seymour, I couldn't find a dog collar that fit his personality. This resulted in me attempting to make one for him. I had so much fun doing it that I decided to start a small business and started Crystal's Canine Designs. Over the years, the course of my business changed and is now called MoxiFika Design Co.

You may be wondering, what is MoxiFika? My shop name is derived from two different words - moxie and fika. The definition of moxie is strength, nerve and determination. My previous business was successful but I have the strength, nerve and determination to make MoxiFika Design Co. even more successful! Fika is a Swedish term that essentially translates to enjoying the little things in life. I have learned over the past year that life is too short not to make time for a little fika in your life. Taking time to create memories with family and friends. Going for a walk with my dogs and enjoying the fresh air. Bringing joy to others through my products at my business.

The physical goods and digital designs offered at MoxiFika tend to lean towards what I call "The 3 P's": Pets, Pride and People. A majority of my offerings revolve around one of these three things which are near and dear to my heart. And because I love a good sense of humor, there's a little bit of Punny in there too!

One of my biggest passions is helping others so I'm proud to say that MoxiFika Design Co. is now offering fundraisers. These fundraisers not only help my small business to grow but they allow organizations to raise needed funds. Whether this is for a school booster club, an animal rescue, a cancer fund event, or anything else you can think of, MoxiFika would love to help!

Thank you for reading and I'm glad you're here!

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